March 2019 Bhojpuri Movies

Sher E Hindustan

Sher E Hidunstan is a Bhojpuri Movie Released on 22 March 2019. The story of the movie Sher-e-Hindustan is a Jabbar commando officer who Nepal goes on a special mission. The mission is that the Indian intelligence agency RAW has received this input that the visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to Nepal can be attacked and the threat to the foreign minister’s life. They know that an attacker is ambushed in the area of the 3.5 km area of the tour. Nashua’s entry is right here and he kills the attacker.

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Nirahua chalal London

Nirahua Chalal London is a love thriller Bhojpuri Movie on released in February 2019.  Nirahua and Aamrapali Dubey are seen in the movie as a lead role. Also, the movie tells us, Nirahua visits London to meet his love. Also, you will see some funny scenes in the movie on Youdem. In fact, the movie also shows all the difficulties that Nirahua goes through to convince her love.

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Lagal Raha Batasha is an action, romance, and drama Bhojpuri Movie released in January 2019. Also, Manoj Tiger, Amrapali Dubey, and Avinash Dubey are playing lead roles in the film. Whereas, Batsha is in the main role, having Nutanki drama company and all movie revolves around the four friends having a funny scene. More in the movie, Batsha fall in love with Amrapali and try to convince her for love.

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